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For wildlife in distress call 604.526.7275

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The wildlife hospital was built on the shores of Burnaby Lake 30 years ago and now serves 5,000 injured animals annually. Over this time, the building has suffered water damage, wood rot, and this year’s harsh winter led to rodents entering the building. We’re currently faced with the challenge of restoring the hospital back to operational capacity in time for baby season! The only way that will happen is with your help.

With your donation, we will embark on much needed repairs of the building right away. These improvements to the hospital will allow us to provide treatment to the animals better than ever before.

Wildlife Rescue Hospital Help

We need to raise $50,000 by May 1st to meet the pressing need for baby animals.

With your donation, we will embark on much needed repairs right away. These improvements to the hospital will allow us to provide treatment to the animals better than ever before.

Some areas of attention include:

  • A leaking hot water boiler
  • Inadequate food storage capacity
  • Wash stations for cleaning contaminated fur and feathers

Today Wildlife Rescue cares for 5,000 animals annually, far more than the 1,500 the hospital was designed for. The only reason we have the privilege of doing this work is because of you, and together with your help we are going to face one of our biggest challenges yet.

Each spring and summer thousands of baby songbirds and ducklings are admitted and cared for at the hospital. And for the first time in our history the hospital is temporarily closed!

This past winter has taken a huge toll on our community’s thirty-year old facility. Due to overuse, water damage and wood rot the building is in dire need of repair. To top it off, this condition led to rodents escaping the snow by moving into our warm hospital!


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Adopt an Animal: Our Foster, Fur & Feathers program allows you to contribute to the cost of caring for an animal. Each foster person receives a certificate with a photograph and information about the sponsored species.

Calendar: Wildlife Rescue’s 2017 calendar is now available. We’ve sold out in the past so get yours before they’re gone!

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