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Why WRA Staff Wear Burqas

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During my first week at the WRA I was given a tour of the Care Centre facilities. One of the first sights I saw as I walked past reception was someone wearing what looked very much like a burqa or hijab – the head coverings worn by some Muslim women. Turns out rehab staff wear Read More

Footwear Fundraiser

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On my first day here, I went out to Burnaby Lake to take a picture of my boots on the Burnaby Lake trail. It was around 34°C in the office so it was a relief to get out and breathe in some fresh 33° C air. But I wasn’t slacking; I was taking a moment Read More

Welcome to Wild Things

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I’ve just started work at Wildlife Rescue and I’ve launched Wild Things to keep supporters updated on the amazing, offbeat and uplifting aspects of life here at Burnaby Lake. I’ll also be looking at wildlife issues in BC and covering all other animal issues that may be of interest.


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