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Precocious or Helpless?

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Mallard ducklings are born ready to run and forage for food.

While many workplaces are setting up their office pool for the Stanley Cup playoffs, staff and volunteers at the WRA are using their expertise, intuition and wild guesses to predict the start of the baby bird season. The arrival of the baby bird season marks the start of our busiest period when we will see Read More

From Rottweilers to Baby Birds

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When I started at WRA this is what I knew about birds: 1. They tweet. 2. They have feathers. 3. They fly. Then I remembered that not all birds fly. I had a lot to learn! I found the WRA when I was searching for somewhere to volunteer. I knew I wanted to work with Read More

Don’t Kill Them With Kindness

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A few weeks ago the WRA Care Centre received an injured Northern flicker that was kept in a box overnight. The finder ensured that the box was secure and lined with newspaper. Hoping to make the bird more comfortable, she also provided food and water. The food she left in the box was something she Read More


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