Consulting Vets

Mira Ziolo, DVM

Dr. Mira Ziolo DVM has had an avid interest in wildlife conservation since early childhood camping trips in the magical wilderness of Northern Ontario.

Her clinical research has spanned species including tree kangaroos, ring-billed gulls, and red-eared slider turtles. Volunteering throughout East Africa in 2005, Mira became highly attuned to the sensitive interactions that exist at the human, wildlife and ecosystem interface.

As a clinician, Mira practiced in small, mixed animal and emergency medicine in the UK and Canada. She provided pro bono consultancy, clinical skills and held positions with various animal welfare, government, NGOs and wildlife groups both locally and internationally. She has returned to East Africa several times to work with various projects at the wildlife – human interface, mediating interests among various stakeholders in the interests of wildlife conservation.

As well as providing veterinary consultancy at the WRA, Mira is pursuing graduate studies with the Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies Program at UBC.