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At the WRA we are always looking for ways to enhance and develop the care that we provide and in March I had the privilege of attending the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association’s (NWRA) annual symposium held this year in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The four-day NWRA Symposium attracts hundreds of rehabbers from across Canada and the US Read More

Mallard ducklings are born ready to run and forage for food.

Precocious or Helpless?

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While many workplaces are setting up their office pool for the Stanley Cup playoffs, staff and volunteers at the WRA are using their expertise, intuition and wild guesses to predict the start of the baby bird season. The arrival of the baby bird season marks the start of our busiest period when we will see Read More

From Rottweilers to Baby Birds

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When I started at WRA this is what I knew about birds: 1. They tweet. 2. They have feathers. 3. They fly. Then I remembered that not all birds fly. I had a lot to learn! I found the WRA when I was searching for somewhere to volunteer. I knew I wanted to work with Read More

Bird Feeder Alert

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A suspected outbreak of salmonella is killing off large numbers of pine siskins in the Lower Mainland. Most salmonella outbreaks in birds are caused by contaminated bird feeders, and pine siskins, are particularly susceptible to the infection. They get sick by ingesting contaminated water and food, and by direct contact with feces or other contaminated Read More

Marsupial in our Midst

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The Virginia opossum (Didelphis virginiana) is the only marsupial living in Canada and the United States. These nocturnal creatures are gradually migrating north and in British Columbia are currently found south of the Fraser River. Despite their 50 teeth, they are quite timid and pose little danger to even small children or pets. They put Read More

Fall Visitors

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As an autumnal chill sets in, so life at Wildlife Rescue enters a new phase. The summer orphaned birds have grown and gone to be replaced by migratory birds on their way to warmer climates. For rehab staff that have spent much of the summer dealing with local species such as American robins, rock pigeons Read More


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