Flour Power

One of the many injured mallards that Wildlife Rescue treats every summer.

The compassionate team at a Bread Affair shares its respect for the environment and healthy, sustainable food with its customers.

In May of this year, the Bread Affair staff rescued an injured Granville Island resident duck and brought him to Wildlife Rescue in Burnaby for medical care. The experience inspired this committed business to partner with Wildlife Rescue in making a difference for community wildlife with the Flour Power Campaign.

Wildlife Rescue is a charitable organization that treats animals from across Metro Vancouver and beyond. In 2015 the hospital admitted a record-breaking 5,533 animals. Our intake has increased by 78% since 2010, making this the busiest wildlife centre in Canada. Wildlife Rescue relies on public gifts to ensure adequate resources for providing wild animals with the best achievable care. More than 80% of funding comes from the public.

Your gift supports the wildlife in your community. It costs an average of $230 to rehabilitate a wild animal, so every dollar you contribute makes a difference.

Giving is easy. Simply fill in the information below.

Donations of $20 or more will receive a tax receipt provided a full name and address are provided.

Flour Power Donation