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HumphreypigeonA month ago, on June 9th, when I was driving home, out of the corner of my eyes I saw two crows bullying something. Being the just-in-case-I-should-intervene person that I am, I stopped my car and found a young white pigeon injured.

Even though it was just nature doing its natural selection, it was tough for me not to save it. So I sighed, knowing in the back of my head all my friends will be judging me as the crazy guy who saved a pigeon, grabbed my jacket, picked up the bird while the crows flew around wanting to attack me from taking their dinner (which they are rightfully so) and ran back to my car.

I called my friend Tamara as she knows a lot about animals, and she told me whom to call. Long story short, the bird ended up transferred to Wildlife Rescue. I named it Ewen, the street where I found it.

Throughout the month, I called in weekly to check up on the bird. They said it was severely injured, but as weeks went by, it seemed more and more it would survive and would be released. Today, I got a call telling me I can go release the bird. I was delighted to hear the news.

To my surprise, the release process was a one-man job. I arrived at the location, they gave me a kennel with Ewen and five other rescued pigeons (check out the photo I took). The staff suggested a location where I should release them. I gave them whatever cash I have on me as a donation and thanked them for their work and there I was, an Asian guy with a kennel of 6 pigeons. Let me say I was a bit worried people think I was going to eat these things.

I drove down to the Quay, in New Westminster. On my way, I coached them that they should stay away from crows from there on, and that it is extremely hot out there so stay hydrated. I sat the kennel on a bench, opened the door and watched them walk out one by one and fly away as I said goodbye.

It was a nice feeling to be able to be part of this release. A week ago, I had to say goodbye to someone I love, letting him go so he can be a happier person at the other side of the country. I chose the Quay to release Ewen because it was the same spot our first date was, where we walked down the boardwalk. It was oddly therapeutic.

I walked back to my car, sat down feeling both empty and rewarded. I turned on the radio. It was playing Sarah McLachlan’s Black Bird.

Humphrey – wildlife rescuer.

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