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Wildlife Rescue is currently caring for 16 mallard ducks contaminated with a mystery substance after swimming in a polluted pond in Surrey.

When the Wildlife Helpline received a call about an oily orange substance in a pond in a rural area of south Surrey, a volunteer was sent out on a reconnaissance mission.

The next day a volunteer capture team went to the site and picked up three birds but spotted several more soiled birds. The following day staff and volunteers managed to corral 12 ducks and transport them to the WRA Wildlife Hospital. A final bird was caught a few days later

Extra volunteers were called in to help with the cleaning operation which lasted throughout the Thanksgiving weekend. Most of the birds recovered well after the wash, but five of them needed further treatment for burns suffered as a result of exposure to the pollutant.

It is costing $245 to house, clean, feed and care for a single duck for a week. The ducks are expected to be at the WRA Wildlife Hospital for ten days to two weeks and Wildlife Rescue has launched a campaign to raise $7,000 to help meet the costs extra food, propane gas, medicine and testing kits purchased during the operation to rescue, clean and care for the ducks.

If you would like to help us cover some of the costs of care, go to: or visit our Administration office opposite to make a donation.

Images available upon request.

Yolanda Brooks, Communications Manager

Tel: 604 526 2747, ext. 504




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