Stow-Away Duck

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A gadwall duck survived 8-10 days without food and water after becoming a stow-away on a truck travelling between Crabtree, Quebec and a mill in New Westminster, BC.

No one is quite sure how and when the dabbling duck snuck into the 53ft trailer, but once the truck hit the road, the trailer remained locked for the journey of more than 4,500km. The duck was only discovered when the trailer was unloaded at Kruger mill in New Westminster.

With little energy left to spare, staff easily captured the tired and hungry bird, put it in box and drove it another few miles west to the Wildlife Rescue Association in Burnaby.

When the duck arrived at the wildlife hospital on Monday (June 1) its breathing was laboured, it had an abrasion on its head near the base of its bill and minor lesions on the webbing of its feet.

It was immediately placed on a heat pad, re-hydrated and given food. Its injuries are not life-threatening and it is hoped that it will make a full recovery.

Images available upon request.

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