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IMG_6498This white-throated swift was found in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was rescued from a sidewalk near the Coquitlam Centre in early November, thousands of miles from where it should be.

White-throated swifts prefer a hot, dry climates and are most prevalent in the southern Okanagan, Kamloops and the Similkameen Valley. They arrive in April to breed and by mid-September most flocks have started their migration to California where the weather is warmer and food sources more reliable.

The swift was suffering from Central Nervous System trauma and was underweight. After 10 days of medical treatments and supportive care, it was ready to be conditioned for release back to the wild but being so far away from home means its release will be trickier than most.

Swifts only eat on the wing and the bird is currently being hand-fed every 45 minutes from dawn to dusk. To ensure that it gets the best care in transit, WRA rehab staff are planning to drive the swift down to Sebastopol in California so they can continue to feed it regularly and ensure it is in a quiet and warm environment.

The WRA has launched an appeal to cover the costs of the trip which includes gas for a 3,000km journey, board and lodgings, wildlife permits and broker fees.

You can press the donate button at the top of the page or call the WRA on 604.526.2747 to support Operation Taylor.

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