Skunked Raccoon

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Raccoon 15-0175_1_p1The urban environment is a tough place for wildlife. Windows, vehicles, traps, litter, poison and unfriendly humans can all be a danger. Well now we have to add marijuana to that list.

This male raccoon was found on a sidewalk in Burnaby. It had no obvious signs of poisoning and X-rays showed no internal injuries. Unlike most raccoons that come into care, he was very docile.

When our consulting vet examined him she recognized the symptoms. They were identical to those seen in dogs arriving at veterinary emergency clinics after eating “fortified” brownies, cannabis-infused butter or other similar edibles.

The raccoon was suffering from THC poisoning. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the active chemical found in marijuana and it can have serious effects on animals. In its stoned state, the raccoon was unable to feed or protect himself, but luckily, he was rescued before he came to any real harm.

He was in a stupor for a few days while at Wildlife Rescue and when he finally began to perk up, he was extremely thirsty and hungry. He made a full recovery and has been released. We are not sure where he got his stash, but we hope that after his rehabilitation, he can stay clean.

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