Wildlife Hospital

Washing Gull 11-2387_2Thanks to the WRA Wildlife Hospital, thousands of animals have been given a second chance at life. Up to 4,000 injured, orphaned, sick, and pollution-damaged animals are treated at the hospital every year.

We see and treat a wide range of problems such as fractures caused by vehicle collisions, feathers soiled by poorly disposed food waste, animals entangled in garbage or needlessly suffering as a result of non-targeted trapping, shooting or poisoning. Our hospital team of wildlife rehabilitators and consulting vets work together to ensure that their differing medical, nutritional, and husbandry needs are met. The Wildlife Hospital is open for admissions from 9am to 5pm, seven days a week (including holidays).

Volunteer support

While the work in the hospital is overseen by wildlife rehabilitators, volunteer support is essential to keep the facility operational. With the help of dozens of Animal Care and Housekeeping Volunteers, staff can focus on the medical care of the animals that needs help.

The medical care provided in the Wildlife Hospital continues to evolve as best practices improve throughout the wildlife rehabilitation world. Thanks to our growing knowledge base and networking with other wildlife rehabilitators, we are constantly updating our care protocols and standards of care.

Professional care

Sadly, not every animal will survive a severe injury or illness. If a patient has critical injuries or illness that prevents recovery or survival in the wild, rehabilitators prevent further suffering through humane euthanasia.

Rehabilitation can be stressful for our wild patients and the WRA Hospital is not open for tours. This policy is also a requirement of our rehabilitation permits.