Success Stories

Aerial Gymnast

This belted kingfisher (Megaceryle alcyon) suffered a concussion after flying into a window in Point Grey in Vancouver. During the initial examination of the female bird at the WRA Care Centre, it was noted that she was able to stand but reluctant to walk and her right eye responded poorly to light. She had trouble Read More

A Flurry of Flickers

A family of five Northern flicker (Colaptes auratus) nestlings arrived at the WRA at the end of May after being pulled out from behind the siding of an apartment building in Coquitlam. The woodpeckers, which were just a few days old when they were rescued, were slightly dehydrated but otherwise unharmed and gaping well. They Read More

A Clean Start

An encounter with a glue trap placed outside a house in White Rock left this long-eared myotis covered in sticky residue. When it arrived at the WRA Care Centre its wings were still stuck together and rehabilitation staff coated it in mineral oil to break down the residue on its fur and wings. The bat Read More

Crash Landing

This heron was coming in to land near a runway at Vancouver Airport when it was hit by a jet blast and thrown to the ground. It was left barely conscious and unable to stand. Luckily, a falconer working near the airport saw the accident and was able to catch the bird and provide emergency Read More

In Deep Water

Great blue herons are great fishers and for many, garden ponds with easy access to prey, are hard to resist. But for this heron, an easy meal ended in disaster. The owner of the pond had tried to heron-proof it with fishing line and instead of acting as a deterrent, the bird became entangled. When Read More

Too Much Salt

This female beaver was spotted staggering along the Stanley Park seawall. Its erratic behaviour pointed to salt-water poisoning. It was brought to the WRA Care Centre where staff also discovered a cut to its eye. Staff administered subcutaneous fluids to flush the salt water out of her system and applied an ointment to the inured Read More

Heads Up

  After being hit by a car in Langley this male pileated woodpecker (Dryocopus pileatus) suffered a debilitating head trauma that left it flying in circles. Thanks to the quick response of a passerby, the bird was caught within minutes and taken to a local vet before being transferred to the WRA Care Centre. Although Read More

Feathered Friends

Although these tundra swans (Cygnus columbianus) were found hundreds of kilometres apart, they were able to keep each other company during their convalescence at the Care Centre. The male swan was found stumbling at a busy traffic intersection outside the Coquitlam Centre after being hit by a car. He had a bruised right eye, was Read More

A Tiny Triumph

An orphaned hummingbird that was rescued from a barge travelling down the Sunshine Coast has been successfully released after a groundbreaking effort by WRA rehabilitation staff. The female hummingbird was one of a pair brought into the WRA Care Centre. The siblings, which were just a few days old, were huddled in a nest the Read More

From Rocky to Reifel

  Last March the WRA Wildlife Hotline started getting reports of an injured Canada goose (Branta canadensis) sighted at Rocky Point in Port Moody. The female goose had a severe injury to her lower jaw that left her tongue permanently exposed to the elements. On several occasions WRA volunteers went out to look for the Read More

Awesome Opossum

Staff at the WRA Care Centre had to call on all of their expertise and experience to save the life of this adult male Virginia opossum (Didelphis virginiana). The long-term patient which was found in the back of a trailer at a construction recycling yard in Richmond, spent 89 days at the Care Centre, giving Read More

No More Bubble Trouble

Bubble the skunk

The female skunk was originally spotted back in August by a local resident who noticed that the animal had what looked like a bubble-tea lid wedged around its neck. When she saw it again weeks later, its condition had worsened. A group of concerned neighbours and volunteers from Vancouver Orphaned Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA) tracked Read More