100,000 and counting

Thanks to the dedication and commitment of people like you, Wildlife Rescue reached an amazing milestone in 2016. Since 1979, the hospital has treated over 100,000 animals!

Meet Elsa, an injured snow goose that arrived at Wildlife Rescue on Christmas Eve last year. A pellet may have shattered her ulna but it couldn’t keep her down. We spent three weeks changing and re-fitting splints and providing physiotherapy to ensure she regained full mobility. After a month in care, we performed one final X-ray and she was cleared for take-off. Her release video moved us all to tears.  Please watch here.

Through generous gifts from our supporters, we have the diagnostic equipment, experienced technicians and dedicated waterfowl facilities available to provide the specialized care she and many others like her need regularly.

Donations made through WRA’s monthly giving program, provides sustainable funding for the medicines, food, equipment and facilities, that enabled her to make a successful flight for freedom.

When you make a gift to Wildlife Rescue, you ensure that animals such as Elsa, receive a second chance at a natural life!

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