Pit Rescue

Wildlife Rescue carried out its most daring rescue of 2016 to catch a trumpeter swan that was stranded at the bottom of a pit flooded with polluted water.

The young swan originally crash landed onto the Vancouver construction site, which is undergoing environmental remediation, on Wednesday evening. Believing it would take off again once recovered, workers on site left the bird safe within the barriers of the work site.

On Thursday morning they arrived to find the bird paddling in a six metre pit that was filling with rain water. The steep sides of the pit made it impossible for the swan to gain the lift it needed to take off and Wildlife Rescue was called in to help.

The construction team spent several hours draining the pit to make it safer and easier for an attempted rescue. Using a ladder, the experienced two-person capture team descended into the pit carrying large nets, towels and blankets.

They quickly managed to secure the swan in a net to prevent further mishap and injuries. The 6.2kg bird was wrapped in towels and sheets and carried up from the pit by hand. It was immediately placed in a kennel and driven to the Wildlife Hospital.

An initial examination by wildlife technicians revealed no broken bones, but the bird will be closely monitored in the coming days to assess its feather and skin condition.

If you would like to help Wildlife Rescue care for this swan and other animals in care, please consider making a donation.


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