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For 30 years, the Wildlife Rescue Association of BC’s hospital at Burnaby Lake has been the heart of not just the organization, but the wildlife and nature-loving community in Metro Vancouver.

Ever since it was opened to the public on a slightly overcast Sunday on August 16 – which almost didn’t happen, as the day before a heavy rainfall turned the site into ankle-deep mud – the hospital has been friend to thousands of injured creatures who have been spared pain and suffering and given a second chance.

wildlife rescue association

Despite all its setbacks, the first day stood to prove what the organization is all about: hard work, passion, and community. No one knew if anyone would even attend the opening, but before the end of the day there were 800 visitors who donated a total of $5500. Mind you, this was in 1987 and that showing from the community, taking responsibility and care for local wildlife, is what allowed the hospital to open in the first place.

It’s Your Hospital

In truth, the Wildlife Rescue hospital belongs to more than the organization, it belongs to the environmental community!

Throughout the years the hospital has helped heal thousands upon thousands of injured wildlife brought in by you, the people. These creatures include birds, raptors, waterfowl, small mammals, and more.

Wildlife Rescue hospital staff and volunteers have a long and storied history with the organization.

The hospital has only been made possible by the community.

Not common, but not unheard of. Wildlife Rescue takes in all kinds of injured creatures throughout the year.

A few years after the hospital was constructed, in 1992, a raptor pen was built.

The passion and care from all of us in the wildlife community, which drove the organization to build the treatment centre in the first place, stands as strongly and as proudly as it did then.

A charity that started with a $50 budget and five fired-up volunteers now boasts a staff of 19 and a passionate group of nearly 200 volunteers every year, most of whom work in the hospital to gain valuable work and life skills.

Now, just like we did when the rain almost flooded out the opening of the hospital, we’re going to work with what we have in-hand and – with your help – become even better.

The Future of Hospital Care

The hospital’s next story rests on all of us.

Although a temporary animal care program is operating, the hospital building is currently closed. Inspections and assessments of conditions and damage are underway, resulting in the discovery of just how badly our facility needs help! All of this was unexpected and has allowed us to change our way of thinking. We see a great opportunity to make better use of the space, increasing efficiency, and therefore improve quality of care in the hospital.

With the massive increase in caseload over the years, our needs for equipment has increased as well. The technician team members and volunteers are artists at creating something from nothing, but this is an opportunity to add much needed areas such as a surgery room, intensive care space and an official washroom for cleaning contaminated feathers and fur.

The Wildlife Rescue team chooses to see this as truly a blessing in disguise. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the hospital and once again with your community support, continuing to provide the best care for injured and orphaned wildlife is greater than ever!

Please help the wildlife rescue programs by donating and spreading the word about our important fundraising campaign! Tell your friends! Make Social Media posts!

To find out more please go to our Campaign Page or call in at 604-526-2747 ext. 502.

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