Hectic Holidays

It was a white, waddling Christmas at Wildlife Rescue where staff and volunteers cared for 20 different species including five trumpeter swans that have been in care for several weeks.

With a wingspan of 185cm or more, these large birds have been keeping staff and volunteers on their toes for the past few weeks. The birds, which are the biggest native waterfowl in North America, started arriving at the Wildlife Hospital in early November and as one wave of birds were released, the next arrived. We have admitted 12 trumpeter swans so far this season. In comparison, in 2015, we admitted five trumpeter swans during the same period.

As well as the swans, Wildlife Rescue is currently caring for more than 60 animals, making it a much busier holiday season than in previous years where 25 to 30 animals has been the norm. The organization expects to treat up to 4,700 animals by the end of the year. Other species currently in care include varied thrushes, red-breasted sapsuckers, a silver-haired bat, a raccoon, a skunk, a wood duck, Northern flickers and dark-eyed juncos.


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