Set Free

When this young female skunk arrived at Wildlife Rescue, she was severely emaciated and dehydrated and weighed little more than a kilogram. She was in such poor shape that rehabilitation staff thought she would not survive.

The skunk was originally rescued from a trap set on a suburban plot in Coquitlam which had been left unchecked for two weeks. When she was brought to the WRA Wildlife Hospital just after the Thanksgiving weekend, her spine and ribs were visible through her coat. She also had abrasions on her toes and feet, probably caused by desperate attempts to escape from the trap.

Despite her weak state and poor body condition, she responded well to being tube-fed and after a few days of support feeding, she began to eat small pieces of solid food.

She thrived in care and more than a month after her arrival, she had gained 2kg, her wounds had healed and her glossy coat was a visible sign of her excellent condition.

After more than a month at Wildlife Rescue, she was released in a safe location in Coquitlam.

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