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Monthly giving benefits both Wildlife Rescue and our donors. By opting for this method of sustainable giving, you can help the organization ensure that it has a steady income all year round. The level of donations fluctuates throughout the year. With the ongoing support of our monthly donors, we can prioritize animal care during our busy intake seasons and emergency incidents, safe in the knowledge that we have reliable funds coming in to cover the demand for services.

Homer, the female hooded merganser is one of 100,000 patients that Wildlife Rescue has treated since 1979. She arrived at the Wildlife Hospital in January after being rescued near a highway with multiple fractures to her left wing. In the past, the team would not have been able to save a bird with such serious injuries. Through your generous gifts, we have the diagnostic equipment, experienced technicians and dedicated waterfowl facilities available to provide the specialized care she and many others need regularly. Homer made her successful flight for freedom after four weeks of care.

It costs an average of $230 to treat one patient. Animals such as this merganser which require complex care, need more expensive medications, diagnostic testing and specialized housing. A monthly gift of $20 to $50 a month will help cover the costs of caring for an animal in need.

A sustainable monthly gift gives you control over when and how you give and is much less disruptive to your personal finances than a larger annual donation. It is easy to set up and administer and you can choose to give via credit card or pre-authorized bank payment.  You will receive one cumulative tax receipt for the year, in January of the following year.

With more supporters switching to monthly donation, we can also save on paper and postage as they do not receive our direct mail requests.

Monthly Donation

  • After completing the form below, you will be directed to Paypal to complete your transaction. You may use either your Paypal account or a credit card for monthly payment. A Paypal account is required to complete this transaction.

    You may prefer to make your monthly payment directly through your bank account. This convenient option can be arranged by contacting us through email at

    We thank you for your ongoing support.
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